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Friday, June 23, 2006

[Things I will miss]
I won't be in the office for a long long time. I have set my out of office for the next three weeks.

And I'll be missing work. Okay, I am kidding.

I think one that I would be missing most is my workstation.

My constituency has one of the largest workstation space for support staff. And similar to the amount of space that an assistant constituency manager has - now that rocks.

And after close to a year, I have it all decorated up.

It has my personal colour printer, my computer and all the cool stuff at my desk. I hope I won't be missing this place after I leave.

My super cool but old but still sturdy printer

My personal computer - this is the creative desk

I have spent the happy days and the sad days here for the last year or so. And this is where I get inspired to write my press releases and get creative juices to work when designing stuff.

So as I go for my reservist, I will try to pop by my office to settle bits and pieces of stuff.

But not for long though.

It is because of my pending promotion. And I will have to move to another office.

I am a Constituency Support Officer no more. My new post? Still undecided. But I'm sure it will have the word 'manager' in it.


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