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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[The view at Genting]
I'm supposed to catch a movie tomorrow. But if I don't I'd probably be sleeping in bed. Yup, tomorrow is my off day.

Had a whirlwind day again. After not being in the office for six days in a row (one wonders if I actually am employed), my desk is full of arrows and messages any my office mailbox is bombarded with tons of email.

At least, I managed to clear last month's accounts file and my 85 emails today. Well course updating and this month's accounts file will have to wait till Thursday. and Friday is remaking Hougang day (more on that after Friday).

And since it is getting late and I have not even showered, I shall just cut the crap and shut my trap and show you all the photos.

Behind the numbers 18554... It's my room

The sunset from my room

The swimming pool where I spent close to five hours in reflecting my life. I just slept there in the sun thinking

Hee har... iGallop. Horses take afternoon showers too

Vast grassland and awesome mountains during the day

The view at the foot of the mountain


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