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Monday, July 31, 2006

[A PAssionate time]
Over the weekend, scores of residents from the Aljunied and Hougang area were treated to an eyeful.

It was just the PAssion@my CC roadshow at Hougang Central Hub.

There were lots of performances.

As well as cooking demonstrations. Of course, there was free food too. But I didn't get to try any as I was pretty busy juggling stage duties to looking after the balloon distribution.

But the most attractive item for the day was the belly dance performance. Skin, skin and more skin. I think the old men there probably drooled their way in.

At least the sign up rate for membership was great. Overwhelming.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

[National Day Parade Preview exclusive]
Expect the unexpected at this year's parade.

I'd never thought I'd see Mediacorp "ah jie" Zoe Tay at the grandstand with her family in tow. Plus, her cute kid (dressed in orange) that she brought along. Exclusive photos of Zoe have been submitted to Stomp.

And also, the fireworks are overwhelming this year. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I went with my friends this year. The mood's probably better when you have friends around. And it is because I managed to collect a total of three grandstand invites for the preview this year.

The rest of the post will be in visual form because a picture paints a thousand words.

Vincent Ng choreographed this item with the students of Rulang Primary School

The parade march past


The mid-air dancers suspended from helium filled balloons were awesome
You need to have lots of practice and skills to execute such stunts in mid-air

More fireworks

And even more

Why I guess the fireworks is the best part is because they appear unexpectedly. You watch the items and then suddenly "boom" and you hear a scream. Then many screams. More "booms". And screams, shrieks and then thunderous applause.

Our Nation of Hopes and Dreams

More fireworks

Our Global City Our Home

The type of fireworks that I like the most is the one that explodes in the air and showers down in the sky slowly. It like falling gold dust.

I wonder why Singaporeans love fireworks. Perhaps because fireworks are banned in Singapore.

Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

[A break from blogging]
I haven't been blogging. And that is because I am so so gosh busy.

Just today, I had three meetings. And my head is spinning.

Events, events and more events.

Blogging will have to take a break until after national day. But if you are free the next two days, please drop by the Hougang Central Hub to catch some PAssion. There'll be stage games, performances, lucky draws, goodie bags and a lot of cool stuff to immerse yourself in.

And also, expect an exclusive national day parade report sometime next week.

But for now, rest is the most important thing. I need to balance my work as well as my health properly.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

[National Day preparations]
It's gonna be the biggest celebrations again and for the last time, the National Day Parade will be held at the stadium. The curtains come down in 2007.

Meaning that it is time to get elevated stress. Because we will have observance ceremonies, national day dinners and even a visit to the Istana (I'll be co-ordinating this one this year). And when there are events, it means having meetings. Add to that, I am also in the sub-committee of another National Day Dinner.

So in one week, I have to burn two to three nights attending meetings. But hey, the sense of satisfaction comes after the event. Plus, I may have to help out for the parade activities too.

That also means that I will have no time to jog and swim with my buddies. Okay, you guys will understand why now.

And perhaps, these few activities will be my swan song. It's going to be the end of something good and the start of something better. Well that will happen if all goes well.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The power of two. Oranges for good luck come in twos. Couplets are written two phrases one left and one right. Shoes and socks work best where there are two.

And just two more days and I'll be out of camp.

More challenges but they may not be in twos. But I'll take them on as they come - one by one.

Friday, July 07, 2006

[My take on mrbrown's suspension]
I guess I knew it was coming.
So here's a poem on my thoughts:

There are times when I laugh and times when I frown
When I read your column (in Today) mrbrown
You make things sound so funny
About the Government and how they like to earn our money
You discuss the issues of many Singaporeans
About policies made by our country's politicians
I don't deny the issues you brought up
I know they deserve some thought
You have the right
To what you want to write
Bet you didn't know who was reading
And didn't know what it'd cost
Could it have been done in a more subtle way?
Perhaps it was the tone and sarcasm, people say
But well, like every story there is an end
Didn't you think of the consequence?

Monday, July 03, 2006

[Singapore Dragon Boat Festival]
I'm pretty tired today and it is partly due to the sun. I think I have been having an overdose of vitamin D recently.

Anyway, here are some photos of the dragonboat fiesta at the Bedok Reservoir today.

The reservoir

Interesting angle


A bit abstract because by the time my race ended, all the other races ceased as well.

Here are the male winners from NTU. They walked away with the Prime Minister's cup - the dragon thingy that you see in the picture. It's a nice work of art.

The girls from NTU did well too. They bagged the female version - a cool silver-coloured sculpture kind of trophy.

Our team was third. And we were beaten by just half a second! How disappointing. But there's always another chance to try again next year.

To end, here's a funny one. Not naked. Not porn. Pure clean fun.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

[Nationalism among the youth]
I was at the National Stadium today for the Singapore Youth Festival.

And this will not be the only time I will be there. There's more to come but can't be revealed because of confidentiality.

As the National Stadium holds its last National Day Parade (for the uninformed, NDP 2007 will be held at the waterfront area on a floatable stage) it is time to look back.

I roamed about hoping to find something interesting to capture and saw this.

But unlike the National Library, the stadium has no distinct red bricks to auction. So how then can we remember the stadium? Perhaps a little minature that is commisioned by some well-know Singaporean sculptor? Or a painting of the stadium?

I mean, we can't sell the red chairs at the grandstand right? It's like so old already.

Come to think of it, the stadium's interior is pretty stylo. Pity I didn't take a snap shot but the lift in the building. The lift has two doors and that connects the VIP lounge to the stadium's west block. You step in, press the floor number and you go up without feeling that you are going up. It's a smooth upward flow!

Apart from that, the flags have gone up too. Patroitic month is coming soon. But of course you won't have to wait till then to show your patriotism to the nation.

There you have it. Flags and more flags.

The Singapore Youth Festival was enjoyable but left me with flu and slight fever. So I must sleep early so that I can perform well at my first race at Bedok Reservoir tomorrow.

My view is that if the SAF has SAF Day Parade then the youth festival is the MOE's equivalent. It's the MOE Parade! Hmmm. Does MOE have a MOE Day by the way?

My brain cells are not working and my head is hot. So I shall end with the finale picture of the youth festival. No fireworks because daddy said no playing with fire, young kids.

And so, red and white balloons fill the sky as the opening parade comes to an end. But for youths, it is the beginning of learning about nationalism.

The uncles and aunties love it too. It's like a small scale version of the National Day Parade.