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Friday, July 07, 2006

[My take on mrbrown's suspension]
I guess I knew it was coming.
So here's a poem on my thoughts:

There are times when I laugh and times when I frown
When I read your column (in Today) mrbrown
You make things sound so funny
About the Government and how they like to earn our money
You discuss the issues of many Singaporeans
About policies made by our country's politicians
I don't deny the issues you brought up
I know they deserve some thought
You have the right
To what you want to write
Bet you didn't know who was reading
And didn't know what it'd cost
Could it have been done in a more subtle way?
Perhaps it was the tone and sarcasm, people say
But well, like every story there is an end
Didn't you think of the consequence?


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