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Sunday, July 30, 2006

[National Day Parade Preview exclusive]
Expect the unexpected at this year's parade.

I'd never thought I'd see Mediacorp "ah jie" Zoe Tay at the grandstand with her family in tow. Plus, her cute kid (dressed in orange) that she brought along. Exclusive photos of Zoe have been submitted to Stomp.

And also, the fireworks are overwhelming this year. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I went with my friends this year. The mood's probably better when you have friends around. And it is because I managed to collect a total of three grandstand invites for the preview this year.

The rest of the post will be in visual form because a picture paints a thousand words.

Vincent Ng choreographed this item with the students of Rulang Primary School

The parade march past


The mid-air dancers suspended from helium filled balloons were awesome
You need to have lots of practice and skills to execute such stunts in mid-air

More fireworks

And even more

Why I guess the fireworks is the best part is because they appear unexpectedly. You watch the items and then suddenly "boom" and you hear a scream. Then many screams. More "booms". And screams, shrieks and then thunderous applause.

Our Nation of Hopes and Dreams

More fireworks

Our Global City Our Home

The type of fireworks that I like the most is the one that explodes in the air and showers down in the sky slowly. It like falling gold dust.

I wonder why Singaporeans love fireworks. Perhaps because fireworks are banned in Singapore.

Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest.


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