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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

[National Day preparations]
It's gonna be the biggest celebrations again and for the last time, the National Day Parade will be held at the stadium. The curtains come down in 2007.

Meaning that it is time to get elevated stress. Because we will have observance ceremonies, national day dinners and even a visit to the Istana (I'll be co-ordinating this one this year). And when there are events, it means having meetings. Add to that, I am also in the sub-committee of another National Day Dinner.

So in one week, I have to burn two to three nights attending meetings. But hey, the sense of satisfaction comes after the event. Plus, I may have to help out for the parade activities too.

That also means that I will have no time to jog and swim with my buddies. Okay, you guys will understand why now.

And perhaps, these few activities will be my swan song. It's going to be the end of something good and the start of something better. Well that will happen if all goes well.


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