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Thursday, September 28, 2006

[Coffee shop talk]
My favourite haunt these days when not having class in the coffee shop. I go there late afternoon and late at night.

I used to have people telling me that they used to visit the coffee shops to suss out the latest news or information on how votes for the elections would swing and what the "market prediction" would be.

Although I have been visiting coffee shops lately, I don't hear much political chatter. The last I heard was about investments in Taiwan. Conversely, blogs have been getting my attention.

This I would say is perhaps a cultural difference then and now. Blogs, I would say, is my source of getting information - although most of the time I still read newspapers for the more accurate information. That is not to say that blogs are not accurate. They may be accurate but sometimes the papers are more accurate albeit a tad slower.

Chatter on blogs will provide me with a different perspective. When reading, I question myself - is this a fact or fallacy - and then if I am unsure, I bring it up during my frequent discussions and interaction with people. By doing this, I get a broader perspective and keep an open mind.

One such issue that is on my mind as I blog now is about the Thailand coup. The country has suddenly been overtaken by the army in a coup just last week. Even though Prime Minister Thaksin had garnered a landslide victory in the last polls, people think that he may not be a good leader.

Corruption is perhaps one of the more important reasons why the situation has been aggravated. But until the truth is out, shouldn't Thaksin still stay in power?


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