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Friday, September 01, 2006

[Party at the Padang]
The Singapore Biennale opening party will be held at the Padang tonight.

And you can expect lots to happen - stage performances, DJs spinning music, several art displays and more.

At the Padang and City Hall area yesterday, artists were finishing up their work, setting up for the shows and performances. But because of the rain, there were a few delays.

As early as 2pm in the afternoon, we were doing the electronic gadgets for the balloon project - Prime Minister will launch that tonight into the air.

Each team had to create a design of 10 molecues and we had to integrate it with the other teams to form the final design huge big structure.

The balloon project will consist of some 1000 helium filled balloons. Each balloon has coloured and synchronous light emitting from it. And it can go up to 50 meters in the air.

The VIP area was also being spruced up. An array of activities that were going on include the fashion show rehearsal, decorating the furniture and briefings, briefings and more briefings.

At City Hall, expect to see a spectacular projection of images on the exterior walls of the building.

All these, just for the big party tonight. What is lacking is your presence.


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