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Friday, September 15, 2006

[Short and sour]
I attended my first play in SMU last night, specially went cause my friend Jack was performing. When I asked him what role he was, he told me that his was a small role.

At first as the story went, it looked as though his role was a supporting one. Until the halfway mark.

Ladies and gentlemen, short and sour.

It's a play about love. Different people's views on love. Good ways of loving and bad ways.

The play starts out with the six characters masked - they give their takes on, well, love.

Commitment, sweet, no future, schizophrenic, too much effort and something about tasting a man inside out.

It discussess falling in love, breaking up, apprehension towards love and giving up love for other more important things.

The nicest and most lovey dovey part was towards the climax - where two characters Bruce (played by Jack) and Geraldine express their takes on love through a series of songs.

But instead of finding love or staying in love, the several couples end up despondent as the story develops.

And by the end of the play, all the characters have fallen out of love.

It's not your usual happy ending sort of play. But one that will make you question yourself about love and loving.

Is it sweet? Or sour? Or just short and sour.


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