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Friday, September 08, 2006

[Straw buildings and toy cars]
For leadership and teambuilding class today, our group was asked to build a structure to store toy cars and a tower to put an egg.

Guess what fun we had.

We nominated Justin to be the leader. He explained to the group the task at hand. Then work on our tower started.

We had to follow strictly to the time. So we built and laughed and played. We were having lots of fun. And we did manage to complete the structure. Completing it was not enough though.

And there were other more impressive ones. Some met the objectives. Some failed. Ours did.

Failure, however, is not final. So we challenged the laws of gravity (just look at the overturned car) to add in one more car (we had to park six cars in the structure). But still did not manage to get the egg on top of the tower. Someone even asked if we knew how an egg looked like (because our tower's design did not seem to be able to accommodate an egg).

Well, winning isn't everything sometimes. So take it easy I tell myself.

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