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Sunday, September 24, 2006

[TP dragonboaters rock]
Warning: Very long post with photos

When was the last time you achieved something for the first time? Well, for me it was today.

Apart from the hectic schedule of having three back-to-back events (I'm pretty drained now), something more deserves mention. I guess most of the people who visit know that I am trying to train myself in a watersport. More specifically dragonboat. And today was the finals of the SAVA Sprints International 2006.

I digress.

The word "international" tends to make it interesting. So in Bedok Reservoir, aptly where the Foreign Minister is the MP, we saw a culmination of "foreign talent" (I quote our Prime Minister), and foreign talent does not necessary mean bad. Okay, apart form the 8 out of 10 foreigners that score almost perfect scores in my class for the last Maths quiz, I see it as pretty healthty competition - to keep us on our toes.

So there they were. People from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand to Malaysia, Philippines to the USA.

Japan - didn't see many Japanese around

Philippines. Oh Thailand had their own drummers even.

Apart from the many races (pun not intended) present, it was a diverse blend of culture - the British (ang mo) and Filipino emcees who had pronounced Eunos as "Eunice" to the ang mo and his accent. But in SMU, you get it too. You have profs. from different countries and yes, that reminds me that last Friday, the school just had a International Day of Peace get together with friends from various countries around the world - a global village as Marshall McLuhan described.

For the last three weeks and two days the cool/hardworking/enthusiastic/punctual/upbeat TP rowers, our Captain (CSM where the letter S stands for short) Shern Whey, Alvin the front left rower, Joey the muscle don't need to flex still can see bulge, Ming Huei, Joel one of the bigger guys, Zhi Hao the gold hair boy, Benjamin another big guy, Derek the "model" who wears specs without lens, Nora-zami, Teck Meng the always like very stern guy, Yao Hao the guy always with Zhi Hao, Puay Boon you can call me "ah boon" the one who kena scratched by Melvin and Hui Yuan "my name means member in Mandarin" and last but not least, Aloysius the one who always kena disturbed by me, have been working hard at training, TP rowers train doubly hard as they still have their school training.

And this entry is a tribute to them and a toast to our success.

So we blazed the train during the heats and garnered a timing of under one minute for the 200m race - 53:59 seconds to be exact.

Returning, the Bedok Reservoir-Punggol team emerged 2nd at the finals. That makes us one of the top few teams among the NorthEast.

Apart from that, people were checking out future developments at the reservoir.

Taking a peek at the future and also the hunks (me not included) and babes (oh yeah, I did steal some glances albeit from behind a tree).

Somewhere along, I spotted this wierd paddle lying on the grass. Honey, who shrunk the paddle?

Taking a closer look, it's just the special token of appreciation for participation. One cool innovative souvenir.

But most important, it's my first medal. And pehaps the next time when "When was the last time you did something for the first time" is asked, I hope it be a post about my experience striking gold. Till next time.

The champion team from Tampines GRC with their advsier Mr Ong Kian Min

The red team, Bedok Reservoir-Punggol. Oh yah, forgot to youtube our BRP woosh - the signature cheer for the team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ephraim,

It has been real long ever since i last saw u.. i think tats our 1 only and last day out together alone bah.. Anyway.. hope things are goin well for u.. And i'm glad to know that u are enjoyin ur life with all the fun activities. Take care.. See u soon~

Monday, September 25, 2006 10:34:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ephraim, that's gonna be ur 1st and last silver. Train hard. See past the tirednees in training and look at the enjoyment. Hope to race together in the same boat next cdc race.

btw, do u take part in marathons?? Taking part in marathons iz a gd way to challenge ur mind and your body. I'm going for the half marathon this december..

hope to cya soon..

Monday, September 25, 2006 10:21:00 pm


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