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Friday, October 13, 2006

[Behind the scenes]
What really goes behind the scenes of the facade of the Information Centre? Though the counter looks neat and tidy from outside, inside is really very different.

Behind it all are notes, information sheets, log books and a walkie talkie just so latest and up-to-date information can be disseminated to the public.

Then there are also the guide books that provide information about all the artworks.

Beside the counter there is a gift shop, air-conditioned and free from mosquitoes. There's so much to blog about about mysterious City Hall. Behind the lion lies an intriguing assortment of artworks.

It is a different ball game altogether. For one, you have to handle large groups of people. Yesterday, a huge crowd of students from the National University of Singapore visited.

They we so out of order that a fellow staff commented on their behaviour. "I can't believe they are university students," she lamented. I just kept to myself and smiled. Having had a middle finger pointed to me in the course of work elsewhere, I felt numb to the NUS saga (well, not all NUS people are that atrocious though) that was unfurling before me.

On the other hand, nice people do exist. I spoke to one exchange student who'll be in Singapore till December. He's only 21 but he's already in his fourth year and studies at California. I nearly broke into a song when he started singing Ca-li-for-nia, Ca-li-for-nia - California was where he used to study. I resisted stretching my vocal chords, just smiled, kept the conversation going and tried to hide my face.

Another visitor, a cool Dutch guy - his hair had locks with bangs - chatted about the cost of living in Holland. When I griped to him how expensive alcohol is (I mentioned paying $72 for six shots of Tequila at Ministry of Sound), and he agreed. That's suicide to me.

But well, money's for parties too. So heck. He added that a beer in Holland costs two to four Euros. Though I don't know the exchange rate, I guess it must probably be about the same price.

Good thing I don't party that much. And most parties I go to are free. Thank you Singapore Biennale. Lots of hugs, kissess and wine.


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