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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

[Chicken rice]
I love chicken rice. It is a dish close to my heart because I'm Hainanese. Chicken rice made by the Hainanese people is delicious - my mum does it very well.

When I was asked to go down to the coffeeshop to take photos for Minister and the Hougang Merchants Association (I reckon that they are the people at the Hougang part of Bedok Reservoir-Punggol), I didn't expect to be asked to have dinner together. It was a surprise. At first I didn't want to eat as I already had my dinner at home. Terry then suggested that I take half of his share.

Minister asked me why I was not eating. I told him that my mum had cooked and I had eaten at home. He smiled.

And since I had a smaller portion and finished earlier, I decided to take some videos of the rest tucking into delicious chicken rice.

The unusual thing is that by the time we had our dinner (about 10 of us), the coffeeshop was almost empty. Perhaps it was already late.


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