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Sunday, October 22, 2006

[Clarification on P65.sg]
I haven't been reading the widely talked about P65 blog - I only went there twice, once when it was first launched and another when Zaobao had asked for my comments on politicians blogging.

In Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma (http://commentarysingapore.blogspot.com/2006/10/mps-new-blog.html) there were comments by Merv on a particular El that gives "nauseating pleasantries" on the posts on the P65 blog.

Another comment by Anonymous said: "Ephraim Loy is the resident pap asskisser on the blogosphere, so it don't take too much to deduce El is none other than him."

And yet another by wanwen said: "That EL fellow makes me sick...he's so obviously trying to bootlick them! I think I'll have to go throw up before I can continue reading their blog..."

I would like to clarify that the El on the P65 blog is not yours truly and that I have no relation whatsoever to the El fellow on the P65.sg blog.

I have since written an email to Merv to clarify. I did not write to wanwen as he/she did not imply that El is me. I also didn't reply to Anonymous because, Anonymous is well, anonymous. That's the recurring problem of anonymity of the Internet but that's the way it was made to be. I recall because I had to read a whole chunk of 20 pages about the Internet for one module.

I hope this clarifies. And so let me carry on.

I went to catch The Departed today and one question, after watching the movie, I would want to ask is "what was in the envelope". For those who haven't caught it yet, you probably might not want to as it is somewhat like Infernal Affairs abeit with a sadder ending.

Because I had walked past the new Levis store on the opening day (which was ironically, closed for a private opening launch), I decided to visit it today. Cool stuff they have. I've identified what to get for my birthday next month already (since I have discounts due to some club Levis card).

When I bring up the topic of the club Levis card, I remember the lousy service and effort that I had to take just to correct an error to my name in the card - three trips and a few phone calls. But that was settled quite easily. The incident has not made me give up buying Levis products - I think they are nice - and I'm still quite a supporter of Levis jeans (I used to like Stussy sometime back). But that does not give them reason to provide poor service again.

A mini bus outside The Heeren caught my attention today. It was promoting some Nike products. It piqued my interest and I went in to take a look. They were promoting some new line of shoes and everyone who went into the bus was given a slice of waffle. Creatively tongue-in-cheek (I think they were promoting a new range of "waffle" footwear).

They also gave out Nike badges to people who walked by. There were three designs - white, red and green. One girl on duty there took her green badge off from her outfit and passed it to me. Thank you! I will check out the new range when I have the time again.

The Stussy store at Pacific Plaza has a new range too. A pair of pants caught my eye.

Then at the adidas store, I saw a pair of shoes going for 200 bucks! My that's expensive. The design is army-print-like. Perhaps I shall check out the store near SMU for more designs.

It's been busy - mid-term exams, projects, meetings, community involvement - so it was a good break for me and an opportunity to get a stroll down town although it was another hazy day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just ignore those losers. They have nothing better to do other than throwing rocks and stones at people who support the PAP.

Monday, October 23, 2006 12:35:00 pm


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