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Sunday, October 01, 2006

[Grassroots events and a biennale party]
The past two days has been hectic.

Because of back-to-back events, I'm fully drained. Never mind if next week is an exam week.

First up, the North East CDC Appointment Ceremony in the heartlands yesterday evening with our Prime Minister.

Dragonboat team mate Melvin and I pose with Minister George Yeo sporting our silver medals. An exclusive get-together with the rest of the team is in the pipeline.

The Pre-Annual Constituency Workplan Seminar at Suntec City this morning.

And the Mid Autumn Harmony Nite 2006 at Punggol Park just now.

Also, there was a special Singapore Biennale dinner last night at Tanglin Camp.

So I took some time, after downing a glass of red wine, to view the exhibits. There was also this otah mantou that was delicious. And I never get bored trying out new food.

It was my first time visiting the Tanglin Camp site and the walk through the path to the site was spooky. It was all dark and silent as I tread the path and there was a chill down my spine.

Most of the rooms are not air-conditioned there but a handful are. A good venue to visit if you have the time.


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