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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[Of blogging and my favourite cinema for now]
There has been lots of blogging news lately.

In today's edition of The Straits Times, China may ask its blogging community to register with their real names. In the article, it was reported that this might hinder freedom of expression. However, bloggers could still blog under a pseudonym after registering with the blog their real name. The Straits Times quoted Xinhua saying some bloggers had used their anonymity to disseminate "irresponsible and untrue" information, and called them a "bad influence". Further in the article there was mention that China had formally charged two Internet writers last week with "inciting subversion of state authourity", said Reporters Without Borders.

A discussion on YouthINK group for the past week had been on the case Digest Number 206, which was also reported in The Straits Times today. Turns out that the Raffles Junior College student, Wee Shu Min, is the daughter of my MP (which I have never seen in person before, in fact, I see Aljunied MPs more often than my own). She was reported to have criticised many Internet users for being insensititve and elitist.

Then when you look just above, SCV fined $10,000 for airing lesbian acts. The Straits Times reported that the "Media Development Authority said that the cable TV broadcaster had breached the Subscription TV Programme Code by airing scenes of women having sex in an American reality TV show called Cheaters".

Just below, the WP Chief files a police report for a fake net posting on Sammyboy forum. The Straits Times report says "the police are investigating the matter".

These four articles are timely since I am working on my Censorship project for my political science module.

The main viewpoints here from the Government are mostly hierachical, perhaps with a little trade-off here and there. I am taught in class that a good policy must have a combination striked balance of the four perspectives of policy-making - namely hierachical, individualist, egalitarian and fatalist.

So while I spend my holiday reading 18 pages of opposing viewpoints and my team mate Joshua reads the other 18, we hope to come up with a solution that entails the different perspectives.

More light-hearted news to follow.

I am beginning to love Cathay - for more reasons than one. Later in the afternoon I'll be going to the new Cathay building for a little discussion. I have been checking out various cool locations too. Places that are youthful and places that youth like me would love to go. I visited The Balcony yesterday. So if you have any cool locations to recommend, please email me.

Another reason I love Cathay is because movie ticket prices from Cathay are reportedly lower. True. I paid $9.50 for my movie ticket last Sunday. Actually they have this package deal - $18 for two tickets with a pack of small (really small) popcorn. There's another deal - $38 for four movie tickets, two popcorn and two drinks (only available at The Cathay at Handy road). Cathay seats are comfy, they don't rock when you sit on them unlike Lido's. And the whole cinema is fully-carpeted unlike Lido. Perhaps Lido needs a revamp of its premises. GV also has fully carpeted cinemas but I don't think they have lowered their prices. They have a new outlet at VivoCity which I have yet to visit. Hence, I would patronise Cathay for now.

What will the other cineplexes offer? Until they start to think of ways how to earn my bucks, I will stick to, you've guessed it, Cathay.


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