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Friday, October 13, 2006

[Power of the media]
1. When Lynn Lee from Straits Times interviewed me about blogging last week, I told her that I would blog about her interview. It was an impish idea that suddenly came to my mind. I think it troubled her a little. Later that afternoon, she emailed Kok Tian, my special assistant, to request that I hold back my post until her interview was published. She did not want to be out-scooped. Since she was writing to tang chiak (make a living) while I was writing for fun, I readily agreed. A few days later, Yih Ching from Zaobao emailed me some questions about an article she was writing on politicians blogging. I said I would only answer her questions after Lynn's article came out. Hey, look, we've got to look after each other's rice bowl

2. The media commands more power than many people realize. At a party, the guy with the microphone has power. The photographer has power too, and he becomes uncomfortable when you photograph him photographing. Terence, Lynn's phtographer, promised me that he won't make me look bad. (Thanks, Terence.) The journalist affects informality but he or she, too, has power. I notice the photograph of Cheong Yip Seng with Alan Chan and Dr Tony Tan in the papers today. While Alan and Dr Tan wore suits, Yip Seng was casually dressed. Well, journalists are allowed to do that. I wonder how much power bloggers have?

3. I've just written a letter to Cheong Yip Seng to thank him for the good work that he has done all these years as editor and editor-in-chief. It was not an easy job at all but he did it well, in his soft, humble way. I've always enjoyed my interactions with him in MITA, MTI and MFA. Media relations are always important because the media has power. To Yip Seng's credit, he never let it get into his head.


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