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Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's a not so hazy today (sing to U2's Beautiful Day).

I'm reflecting about all that's happened. Whirlwind. Many factors have played a part to make me what I am today.

It's tiring.

I want the simple things in life, like now I'm sitting on a sofa listening to my cousin playing the piano.

I want to relax on the beach, with a glass of wine in my hand. Frockling in the sun with one that I love, just passing time.

But no, I am have to mug for exams, prepare for projects and all that stress in my head.

I have to discern, between what's right, what's wrong. All the rules that make society. We have to understand why such rules are in place.

Singapore, a small fishing village to what we are today.

We are fortunate. Yes, we may not like authourity - I don't either. But why, the rules, to do this and that - we're so restricted.

We are so driven by money, by power, by material things. Why did our society evolve into what it is today?

Why the competition? Why do we have to outdo each other - back-stab, jealousy, selfishness, all that evil in the world.

It's tiring being human, more tiring to stay humane.


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