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Thursday, October 19, 2006

[What's in store at the National Museum]
There was once when I was in school till very late. And because I was on the 5th floor, I had a breathtaking view of the National Museum at night. The view during the day is great too.

I went there on Tuesday again to check out the Cartier exhibition. Very glittery. But mostly women stuff so I sort of just walked through taking a glimpse of everything.

The rest of the museum is still under utillised - the main structure is ready but there are parts that are not open to the public yet - until December 2.

For the biennale, there are three exhibits on the 2nd floor.

One's an iceberg structure.

Another is a carpet that looks like it has Chinese words. But if you look closer, it is actually in English.

There's also a display of 16 flags from the rooftop (I had talked about that during the opening ceremony recently).


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