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Sunday, November 12, 2006

[Life Upgrading]
1. I have just sent off a letter to the residents of Blks 403-412 Hougang Ave 10 informing them of the outcome of the recent vote on lift upgrading. All except one block, 407, voted in favour.

2. Blks 408 and 409 narrowly cleared the required 75%. I knew earlier from HDB that the support level among the eligible residents in those two blocks was not as strong as the other blocks because the residents of a number of units would still have to climb half a staircase to get to a lift landing. Also, the $3000 payment was a lot of money despite Government's subsidy of $27,000. I visited many of the residents of those two blocks to explain the importance of voting in favour. Apart from the convenience for those with weak legs, it would affect the resale value. It would have been a great pity if the residents in that block did not get the lift upgrading for lack of one or two votes.

3. Blk 407 was precisely short of one vote. There are 14 eligible executive maisonettes in that block. But because it is low rise, the need for lift-upgrading was less keenly felt. I have to respect their choice.


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