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Sunday, November 26, 2006

[North East Music Mix]
What do you call a female DJ? Apparently, according to the hosts of the North East Music Mix, they are called Dee Janes.

So yeah. The North East Music Mix is a DJ-ing competition organised by the North East CDC.

They put participants through a 12 week long course and thereafter, the participants compete among themselves.

Last night, I was invited to the event at Ministry of Sound's 54. It is the second visit there in a week. I was invited on Tuesday for Surge@MOS. And twice, there was no alcohol served. It is a good move by the organisers. Anyway these young kids that are as young as 16 may not have the chance to see what MOS is about if not for the event.

I liked the artwork along the walls on the flight of steps leading to 54.

Each guest received a 91.3 and 100.3 goodie bag. Cool notebooks, a few pencils and stuff. And a free non-alcoholic drink.

There were eight contestants - four in the student category and four in the open category.

The students had 15 minutes to spin their stuff and work the audience with their nifty handwork and showmanship.

The winner for the student category was this hot chick. First time I saw a female at the turntable. But yeah, if men can do it so can the women.

When the emcees interviewed her, guess what she said?

"The difference between man and women is you know what". And so they laughed.

Participants in the open category had to do it for a longer duration (I forgot how long but the music was great).

But you had to give it to last year's winner, and also judge for this year's competition, DJ Inquisitive.

He spins without headphones, changes records faster than you change clothes and scratches like nobody's business.

In between drinks, I managed a few pictures of the surroundings like the bar.

And some photos of the audience having fun.

This DJ-ing thing is not new to me. Lest I get labelled a mountain tortoise by not so kind people. In fact, I've tried it before.

Guest-of-Honour Ong Kian Min had a hand at it too. He pressed a few buttons here and there on the mixer. And the songs were played on time to the beat.

To the organisers: I wouldn't mind being invited again next year but please let me bring a few friends.


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