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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

[Rain and school]
It is 8.30pm and I'm still at school. I can't believe it, I'm starting to be a mugger - the word that is used to describe SMU students.

It has just started raining heavily so I still a little longer till the rain subsides. It been another busy week because projects and presentations are due in the next two weeks. I almost don't have enough time to have a good sleep.

Today I tried the mee siam at my school's kopitiam - I added some ingredients to it (won't say what only that it is a very healthy). And the whole time in class I was hyped up.

Too hyper for that matter. Plus I had two cups of coffee - an overdose of caffeine.

My comments during class participation were way too extreme. An after effect of excessive drinking - drinking coffee that is.

This Saturday is going to be another whirlwind adventure. I've been asked to go for four events that are back to back. The thing is, Saturday is my birthday and to celebrate, I've got to skip some.

I have made up my mind to go only for two. Until then.


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