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Saturday, November 04, 2006

[Reply to Blog Comments]
1. Let me apologize for not often replying to comments on my blogs. This is because of my time constraint. Answering some comments would also require me to do research or check details with officials which I rather not do. Blogging for me is personal and should be fun, not more work at the end of the day.

2. I would like to respond to my earlier remark ('Words Matter' in 'Of blogging and censorship views' posted on October 24) that anonymous comments are not credible which offended some people. I should have qualified myself. In my work, I sometimes receive anonymous 007 letters about this officer or that. Some are not to be taken seriously. A few could be malicious. There are occasions when the writers have good reason to want to stay anonymous. If I think that there could be something to a complaint, I refer it for further investigation. Otherwise the letter is just filed away. I do read comments on my blogs when I have the time including the anonymous ones. But, because they are anonymous, I have to make the same type of judgment about their seriousness. But please continue to give me your comments, anonymous or not. Nothing is worse than blogging when no one is interested.

3. This afternoon, I did the official opening for ARK (Adventure and Recreation at Kovan), a new adventure park built on vacant land next to Paya Lebar Community Centre. The youth group which led this project did a great job. I felt so inspired by their spirit and creativity. My fellow MP, Cynthia Lee, encouraged them on and provided some resources. The youth leaders encouraged me to try out some of the stations. I could not say 'no' in front of so many cameras. As always in such matters, you are glad you took the plunge. I, Cynthia, Hwee Hua and Guat Kwang enjoyed ourselves. Check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But, because they are anonymous, I have to make the same type of judgment about their seriousness."

i think, in many cases better not be too serious about what opinion you hold. like dr chee. isn't he serious? in fact, too serious! and mine you, the gahment also takes him seriously, in turn.

the lesson is - jagan "main-main"! or rather just "main-main" lah, why so serious?

Monday, November 06, 2006 2:57:00 pm


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