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Monday, November 20, 2006

[Words of Encouragement]
1. I was at the Eurasian Association last night to meet the new Management Committee. Over dinner, an old colleague from the Air Force expressed discomfort at the way the Government presented the problem of an ageing population. Coming to 60 himself, he thought that portraying old people as a burden to society was demoralizing. Had they not contributed to Singapore society and did they now not have a right to be supported? I thanked him for bringing up a point which set me thinking.

2. How a message is conveyed makes a big difference to the way it is received. It is not that older people are inconsiderate of those who are younger; they just do not want to be put down because of age. Quite a few Singaporeans in their comments on my blogs have lamented the way we seem to be playing up foreign talent as if local talent are not as good. Most of us could applaud those who do better than us but only provided we are ourselves are not diminished in the process. By encouraging some, we should not inadvertently discourage others.

3. At church two Sundays ago, my parish priest cited the wisdom of a Jewish rabbi who said that giving was part of human dignity whether we are rich or poor, in health or in sickness. Giving, loving, understanding others, caring for others, all this makes us human. It is not enough to receive or be cared for. My old friend said that while he was able to, he would continue to work and contribute to society. I will always remember his words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one can self protect we hv to open up. if foreigners r indeed robbing us of opportunities causing us much hardship wouldnt it provide the political gunpowder to fire @ PAP during GE? Yet 2/3 of Sporeans stood solidly behind PAP. History has provided valuable lessons to us tht the moment u reject talent u r on the road of self destruction. Very often rather tht not tht talented chap may not be one of urs. But if we can convince him to be one of us and join us in this big dream of making this red dot shine redder and brighter we must do all we can to win him over.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 8:11:00 pm


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