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Saturday, December 30, 2006

[My new phone]
I went to Tampines Mall and purchased my new RED MOTORAZR V3 today. Aloysius was there to collect his spoilt Nokia 6111 that he sent for repair from the Nokia Care Centre and we decided to meet in Tampines.

The backplate has the (RED) logo nicely emblazed in white. The price is just right too (there was a discount making it slightly less than $300 without signing a plan).

I haven't reached that level to get sponsorships yet. Well, I am not a celebrity blogger like Xiaxue anyway so I don't get free stuff nor a free nose job (well I don't need one anyway for that matter).

The red colour of my new phone is stunning with a metallic feel. And I customised it with my own wallpaper - an artistic photo that i took - but only those close to me get to see it. It's not R(A) and it's nice.

I just read Minister's post on his new phone from Shenzhen. What a coincidence.

Although China can produce phones at such cheap prices, what is it that draws others to purchase other brands that are not so expensive?

My guess is the packaging. The RED MOTORAZR V3 although priced six times more has appeal.

And Singapore has to keep up its image in the appeal department to attract people just like how the RED MOTORAZR V3 attracts consumers. To do that, we have to make Singapore a place that we want to live in - one that is exciting, one that is appealing to young and old, one that is inclusive. We have to constantly remake and reinvent ourselves, to be relevant, to know what our people want, to say focused and retain Singaporeans to want to make Singapore their best home.

This Sunday will be my first large-scale event. And since I will be emceeing in Mandarin, I'm pretty excited. I scored an E8 for my 'O' Level Chinese but speaking at an event like this does not deter me. I think I am better with oral rather than written Chinese.

I helped to do up a simple press release this afternoon for the event and hopefully the media people like the angle that the event is pitched from. The meal vouchers - each one exclusively cut for grassroots leaders in mind - was exclusively signed by the organising chairman today.

It's going to be a long day tomorrow again as I have two events to attend.


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