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Monday, December 18, 2006

The highlight of today’s activities was the visit to the Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the tour guide, there is a network of tunnels that stretch for many kilometers. He hasn’t travelled the whole destination though.

We split up into teams again and attempted to go into the tunnels. It was a great team building event. As it was very dark inside the tunnels, those that go in first had to echo instructions to the ones behind, failing which will cause the whole team to lag behind.

The older members who were not inside the tunnel, gathered at the exit point to cheer others on. Of course, there had to also be a good leader to lead the team on inside the tunnels.

Many had muscle cramps after the ordeal. It was great to note that almost everybody in Minister’s team participated. After all, most of them are bigger in size and older.

Minister’s children who tagged along were so enthusiastic that they completed all the tunnels. Such activities score well among the young and old.

Lunch was at a resort-style restaurant. The layout of the place resembles Sentosa's Asian City. But the area here is larger than the one in Singapore.

I managed to do a little shopping after dinner today and visited the night market. There are a lot of souvenirs to get here in Vietnam.

If there is time, I will visit the night market again tomorrow but that will mean having another late night.


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