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Friday, December 29, 2006

For the last two days I have been doing some work at Punggol Community Club. I was perparing very minor stuff (just food coupons for the volunteers) for the upcoming countdown in Bedok Reservoir-Punggol at Hougang Mall and Hougang Central Hub.

It's gonna be a big party! Several celebs including Felicia Chin, Elson Soh, Silver Ang and representatives from Campus Superstar and Superband will be performing from 12pm onwards till New Year's Day.

For the whole of Wednesday, it was meeting after meeting. I also had a youth meeting last night. And will be in for awhile in a few hours. I haven't been sleeping early. But I haven't been waking up early too. Bedtime is usually at 3am or 4am in the morning as I am taking my time to clear my room (more on that when I finally finish the last phase of clearing).

That said, I still managed to squeeze some time to visit VivoCity.

I went there to watch Curse of the Golden Flower with Aloysius and managed to walk some two floors of VivoCity. Although I usually swear by Cathay Cineplexes, the GV one at VivoCity is not too bad.

There was not much time so we didn't got to the 3rd floor but we checked out a little of the exterior such as the fountain.

The shopping centre is pretty huge and we mostly just window shopped.

I also tried looking for the RED MOTORAZR V3 there but it wasn't out yet. But it is now.

I'll get it soon if I like it after playing with the phone.


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