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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

[Building up]
One of the more exciting events of 2006 was the General Elections.

What's more exciting after elections then, you ask.

And something that will be more exciting in 2007 than taking your medicine (that will be Budget Day in February) is as exciting as the redrawing of electoral boundaries.

This one is a yearly tradition. All constituency offices that are organising lunar new year dinners do it. It is the drawing of lots for tables.

Grassroots organisations take this very seriously. Every year, without fail, they go through a fair and democratic process to determine who gets to sit where. The difference, however, is the mechanics. Last night was the all important event apart from the meeting for the dinner itself.

It is exciting seeing all the enthusiastic chairmen drawing lots. The system is a bit different this year. The number that you choose is your queue number. The larger the number, the earlier you get to choose your table.

So amid haggling and murmurs, each lot meant a score on the floor plan of the tables.


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