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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

[Meeting the other bloggers]
The people at Youth.SG invited the first and second batch of winning 11 finalists of the Youth.SG blogging festival for food and drinks.

Guess where we went?

Still can't? We went to the TCC (yes, TCC again) at Clarke Quay and had drinks and scrumptious food. Their variety of sandwiches are mouth-watering. The come in erm, well, many shapes, sizes and flavours.

Just like the many bloggers present. Some outlandish, some quiet and some just like to talk. For me, I'm a mix of everything and a little overly enthusiastic. Just like the sandwiches. No two sandwiches are similar. They have different ingredients and taste differently.

I look serious here though. And no, I'm not signing autographs lah. Just filling in some survey questions.

Some really wierd photos. This one looks like a scene from Face Off. Just kidding.

Don't stare, stare. Blogger Gutter Cat looks like an ah beng but he's not really that bad. Bonus points for having a cute daughter. He would have scored more points for flaunting his tattoos. But alas, he didn't.

And so, here are the bloggers on the verge of fame.


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