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Sunday, January 14, 2007

[The Trumps]
I visited The Trumps today after emceeing for the last installment of the Bedok Reservoir-Punggol Division's scholarship and bursary presentation ceremony (a little about that later).

In case you are wondering, I am not talking about Donald Trump. It's about the high life - dollars and cents.

For the uninitiated, The Trumps is situated next to Frankel Avenue and Kembangan MRT station. And it is brilliantly beautiful.

My impression of visiting condo show apartments is the scenario of a marketplace. But this one was different. Apart from it being the apartment that is distinctively me, it was a quiet affair. Entering the sales office, we were greeted by a huge model of the condo and a friendly marketing associate from OrangeTee.

The friendly guy, who seemed to be in his late-40s, brought us around the showflats. What we wanted to know: tell me (more about the) condo, condo, condo. According to the marketing guy, the studio apartments and two-room flats were sold out. Only the amazingly larger 3-room ones were left - we visited two fully-funished egg nests there.

It was a spree as we experienced 20 minutes of living the high life. Damn luxurious. It was not that we were too free but the trip there was spurred by an ingenious idea.

The first was type C4 - a 126 square metre one located on the second floor.

As you make you way through the door, a dining table with glittery table ware greets you. A few steps later, you are in the hall area that is completely air-conditioned. It is cosy. Carpets fill every nook and cranny, that warm touch intesifies your senses even though the marble floor leaves a chill on the feet. As you lift the blinds, the view of the canal greets you. Water flows and reflects the rays of the glistening sun.

The bedrooms on the other hand are furnished with parquet flooring. There are built in wardrobes in white that complement the white blinds. The bedsheets blend in with the surrounding colours. A sheen of light blue from the sky, illuminated by the sun, leaves a blue glow on the white blinds. It is a picture of calm and traquility.

There are two bathrooms. They are a mix of white and grey tiles complete with a long white bathtub (for those who prefer long baths) and glass shower (for those who like a quick wash). There are no fancy sinks (like those in upmarket hotels in the city area) and the thrones are ordinary. No gold-plated taps as well.

In the kitchen, the cupboards are white with a touch of glass. There's a little utility room after you walk through the kitchen. Tucked in the corner is a inconspicuous cosy little bed (for the maid) and an attached low-key shower. The service yard boasts a blocked but still quite managable view of the swimming pool downstairs.

The other one was type C5 - a 133 square metre nest.

It has the view of the outskirts of eateries nearby, the road and the MRT station. All the apartments have windows that are from floor to ceiling. This particular apartment's window allows you to see the private playground and gym at your feet.

Type C5 is slightly larger and has a little short corridor as you make you way in. The walls are lined with white wallpaper with slight creases that form vertical strips. Two bedrooms are flanked by the hall and dining area. Tucked in the corner is the master bedroom with an attached bathroom like the previous one.

The kitchen, utility area and service yard is of the same concept as well.

We then proceeded to the fourth floor and took a look at an unfurnished apartment.

What excitement.

One of the reasons why we could visit The Trumps was because we were in the vicinity. I had just finished my duties at the Damai Secondary School nearby.

My good friend Mike 14, was by my side for three hours. Coincidentally, today was also the 14th! To some, 14 may be an unlucky number but it don't matter to me. At least, it stayed by my side and worked well.

The ceremony seemed similar to the MTV Asia Awards minus the fanfare and the celebrities. There were times when Evelyn said: "And the award goes to..." I wanted to add in by saying: "And the nominees are..."

The guest-of-honour was Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua.

Her departure from the school hall signalled the start of the reception. The food was finished in one full swoop. By the time I reached the canteen downstairs only crumbs were left.

I did manage a small cup of coffee though and I am sure the residents loved the food.


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