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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brennan wrote an entry on clubbing portal Whosgoing.sg. And I happened to come across it by chance while scrolling through the comments on this blog. He writes that it is the current in-thing to hit the tertiary students. And it is a platform for social networking and clubbing fans. The crew behind Whosgoing.sg also organizes club events for the local Polytechnic (the main target), Junior College and University students.

The portal allows members to indicate which parties they are planning to attend. It also serves as a sort of party committee. There's even a counter function that show the proportion of guys versus girls for a particular event. It's pretty cool to attend such parties (no harm drinking a little). After signing up as a member, I found out that they were also looking for ambassadors there, so I jumped at the chance.

The difference between being an ambassador and a member is this. Members get to invite a friend along for the party. As an ambassador, I get to invite 10!

And my first party was at Butter Factory at the Robertson Quay area last night. But since it would be boring to go along, I dragged eight other friends from the SMU social science faculty along.

The entrance has a huge mouth with juicy read lips.

The club is unlike your usual Zouk and MOS. There are no long queues (I never like to queue to get to clubs) to spoil my mood. It is divided into two main areas - a sit down area with tables and a big screen and the main area has a dance floor with tables littered around.

Usually I don't dance on the dance floor. During previous clubbing trips, my dancing has been limited to only little movements. But last night, I was wild. Some of us stayed till past two in the morning.

We had a few drinks and some Martell. And loads of fun.

Thought of the day: Wonder how many invites I will get for the next event. The Dream D8 contest that shot Xiaxue to fame is back with a second installment and will be held at Zouk. That sounds so fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to go to that Butter Factory party actually. Maybe you should drag me along next time... :-D

Friday, January 26, 2007 12:07:00 am


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