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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

[Zooming cars]
Car fanatics should race to the finishing line at the Victoria Theatre now.

Especially if you love the racing machines by BMW.

I happened to chance upon the media preview of BMW Art Cars - Singapore 2007.

Smack outside on the grasspatch that Sir Stamford Raffles overlooks, there are two structures. And inside are works of art and beauty. Firstly, the models are gorgeous. They sported a black dress and skirts that are way too short. But you can't blame them, it's their job.

I managed to chat with one at the door. She mentioned in sweet tone that it was only open for the media. Inside, georgeous people sipped drinks in champagne glasses. I managed to get upclose with number 76 - a green and red car.

Secondly, the cars are beautiful. But you can't get too close though. Surrounding the cars are glass barricades that stretch up all the way to the hip area.

Best of all, did I mention that is it free?


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