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Monday, February 19, 2007

[Bad or good]
The fruits of my labour have paid off finally. But Chinese New Year started on a bad note.

Firstly was my statistics test and then next a surprise from the SAF.

I remember promising to reveal parts of my room after the big clean up. So here's a sneak peek - it's as good as coming to this 4-room HBD flat in the Serangoon area.

Once you stand at the door you can almost see everything.

The bedsheet was specially chosen during a shopping trip at Plaza Singapura. It is beige and has red, brown, yellow and gold - just nice for Chinese New Year. It's one of the more cool bedsheets that I have. There's another orange one that will match my room.

Then you walk along the "hall of fame" - a collection of stuff that I have been involved in. There's a winning shot of the dragonboat team that I was part of, my first half-marathon number tag and some menus from places I worked after the big Os. And of course, a section dedicated to the Singapore Biennale.

And there are loads of books. On my desk is a collection of collar pins from Olympic pins to one the Asian Games.

Tucked at the side of the room is a little cosy corner. I am still trying to redevelop it so it gets more cosy. Perhaps a little carpet or something that fits snuggly.

It is not that neat normally but I am trying hard to get it that neat all the time.


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