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Sunday, February 25, 2007

[Chingay an interactive event]
First up, Chingay, Asia's grandest street and floats parade is an interactive event for ticket holders.

The crowd that was present "live" had the opportunity to mingle with the floats and performers after the show.

Kicking start the event at the sector opposite Orchard Plaza was a Chinese J-Pop band. A Malay performance and an Indian one followed. It fits the multi-racial ethos of the People's Association to a tee. The only addition: Chingay had an added international sphere.

A bevy of performers from around the world (Angola, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, China, Korea and the list goes on) followed. It ended with the last float, one that promotes ASEAN, done up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There were so many floats and colurful performances such that if you ask me which was the best I would be at a loss for an answer. 77 Team Singapore, a float by 77th Street and Team Singapore had gymnasts that did stunts that wowed.

The National University of Singapore's transformer time-travel train float in the segment titled Kronos had a little surprise. Wings popped up in the centrepiece of the float. It looked like a Wright Brothers aircraft.

Prior to attending Chingay, I was at little isle Sentosa covering SMU's Wakiki 2007. No photos of the hunks and babes here, you'd have to read the article on Youth.SG instead.

However, this being the first time taking the monorail service, I managed some nice shots of the port of Singapore. Sentosa is definitely another must-visit tourist attraction.

Looking out from the beach station, you can get a glimpse of this row of houses on the water.

I would have loved to go to Siloso Beach new beach pub Café Del Mar to get a dip in the pool and see the sunset with a cocktail in hand. But time was not on my side. Walking there and back would have made it impossible for me to go for Chingay.


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