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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

[An early new year]
It's the season to celebrate. And Chinese New Year is one of the busiest times - from planning dinners, to attending dinners all the way to visiting friends.

It's a whole load of fun nonetheless. Especially when you get into the mood. You go round soaking in the atmosphere. But the best place to get that jolly good new year feeling is at Chinatown.

The glittery lights. The noisy streets and mesmerising sights.

I would, without fail, try to to check out the decorations every year. The only difference this year was that I went early (I usually go after the first few days of Chinese New Year). It was crowded but not as crowded as it would be on Chinese New Year's eve.

Decorations aside, I found many interesting things around.

There was this projection artwork - something like Jenny Holzer's work for the Singapore Biennale. A white building oppostie Chinatown Point was draped in children's art.

Other interesting stuff include this array of string lion puppets.

And face masks. These masks remind me of our annual street parade - Chingay.

Apart from checking out the unedible things, I also visited Chinatown Food Street. It brings back memories of Ho Chi Minh City's night market atmosphere.

There's also a spectacular water fountain in the middle section of the pavement in Chinatown that also acts as a water screen with laser and light shows.


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