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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

[Foreign affairs field day]
The media had a field day of foreign affairs today.

In Parliament, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo fielded questions from MPs on Thailand and Indonesia with regard to the former Thai premier's visit to Singapore and the ban on sand imports to Singapore imposed by Indonesia.

On Sunday, when reporters had asked minister for his reply on relations on Indonesia, he gave a laugh and mentioned that more will be announced on Monday. And they sure did get more from minister's replies in Parliament.

For one day last week and tonight, most of us were activated to go on red packet distribution. It is quite sensitive to talk about that, and so that is all I would say.

As we went from block to block just now, minister met residents and wished them an early new year. From the elderly to the young, he greeted them all.

Rounding up the visit at a nearby coffeeshop in Bedok Reservoir, he distributed mandarin oranges to grassroots leaders who had joined in the visit.

Many late nights for me. But I hope those who are at the receiving end appreciate what we do.


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