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Sunday, February 04, 2007

[Free Haircuts]
1. My family hairdresser at Loyang Point, Anthony of Class Salon, made me an offer I could not refuse. He said that the instructors and trainees of Pivot Point, a franchisee school teaching hairdressing, would be prepared to cut hair free for my poorer residents on a Sunday afternoon. And so, yesterday, Crest RC at Blk 521 Hougang Ave 6 was turned into an aircon hairdressing salon, complete with professional posters. Poorer families in the area were informed beforehand of this free service but, in fact, no one who came for a free haircut was turned away.

2. It was a fun afternoon. Over 10 hairdressers from Pivot Point worked away for over 4 hours. About 50 residents dropped by and left looking fresh all ready for the New Year. Kenny, the RC Chairman, prepared a nice nasi lemak lunch for those who came to help. Nearby, a karaoke block party was organised which added to the general air of festivity.

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