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Monday, February 05, 2007

[Gambling is in]
There is something about this week's 8 Days. But it's not the price tag of $2.50.

The people there had anticipated this for Chinese New Year - gambling!

Since we now have casinos, no, integrated resorts (IRs), let's say it together once again "integrated resorts", you see education is the key.

I think I digressed.

These days when you step into an MRT station, it's like going back to kindergarten. One feels like a little boy in a big unknow world (the MRT station). And you can't help but feel it becuse of the little warning messages that are blasted in the staions.

"When using the escalator, please hold onto the handrails."
"The cars in the centre are full so please use those in front and behind"
"Please stand behind the yellow line"
"Doors closing, please stand clear"
"Please mind the gap"

And the list goes on.

Day in day out we hear it. However, it is necessary. Or else, if someone falls down from the escalator, you know who'd be complaining.

Back to gambling. I'm looking forward to soft gambing though. "Soft gambling" is a term I invented based on "soft porn". It not the hardcore type of gambling. The people at 8 Days have studied our Chinese trend of playing card games during the new year. So much so, that they provided a pack of cool cards with this week's 8 Days and i Weekly magazines.

And they are worth collecting just for a little fun. I put mine in my bag so I can whip it out anytime when I am bored and need to play.

Cool stuff eh?

Thought of the day: I bet this week's issue would sell like hotcakes.


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