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Sunday, February 25, 2007

[Grassroots leaders throng Istana grounds]
Grassroots leaders were out in all force today thronging the Istana. Those present were treated to food from Meritus Mandarin but most were more focused on meeting top leaders from our little city state.

It was slightly different from last year's. The committee had come up with special queues for those who wanted personalised photo opportunities with the Prime Minister. It was a change from last year where anyone could just go up to him for a photo. Last year, the Prime Minister had given feedback that there were many people stepping on his heels. Some went too close he added.

After the PM's exit from the garden to the Istana building, Minister Mentor arrived some 10 minutes later in a gold mercedes. Following that, Senior Minister arrived. Most probably the sequence was arranged alphabetically according to constituency name.

His excellency, Mr S R Nathan, the President of the Republic of Singapore was also present at the party and arrived after all the minsters and MPs. I wonder which MP would be so daring to arrive after the President.

And yes, I saw my MP too!

I did a little news video. Maybe more in the future if the there's good response and positive comments.


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