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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

[Pig out]
It is day four of Chinese New Year and it's another day of partying after day one and two (day three was spent sleeping, alas, it's the pig year). Minister invited all of us to his house on day two (maybe something on that soon).

On the eve of Chinese New Year I had called Shawn and wanted to jio him to KTV. Last night he reminded me to go for a KTV session today. So we headed down in the early hours of the morning (11am is early for me) to the K Box outlet at Chinatown Point. But as luck would have it, the KTV outlet was scheduled to open only at 7pm although the front shutter was open and the staff was at the front counter.

We headed to the next closest K Box outlet at Cineleisure instead for K lunch - some innovative package for poor students like me at $10 a pop, lunch inclusive.

The dishes there are quite value-for-money Jap style food (you can choose Teriyaki Chicken or Fried Fish, I went for the latter) inclusive of 1x Coke (Neil Humphreys calls it "cock" in his latest article in Today about the Singapore Girl), salad, desert, rice and some egg-like stuff that is a little sweet (it's some kind of Jap food).

And you get to sing for at least two hours.

Orchard Road was getting ready for Chingay (I have a ticket and am expected to attend). The chairs have been setup and they flank parts of the road. Then after a little window shopping in the vicinity, we headed to Plaza Singapura cause I had to buy a bottle of wine - 2005 Botrytis Semillon, a sweet white wine concotion. With wine in hand, I headed to Changi to attend a private Social Science gathering. Lots of food and alcohol as well as Coke again.

It was a pig out and chill out session. The guys turned the kitchen into some clubbing nightspot with blasting music - they call it SSS Underground, presumably a pun on Velvet Underground.

And I stink now cause of the barbecueing of food. Guess I have to go shower already.


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