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Sunday, February 04, 2007

[Letter to complain about worms in Apples]
I usually start the month with a chirpy post to announce my existance. And since, during class last week, we were doing some case studies on responses by companies to consumers, I too, decided that I should make myself heard. I was pretty upset with Apple. So I wrote a little letter to them:

Dear Apple,
I used to be an Apple fan until now. I have an iBook and an iPod until recently, my iPod died just slightly more than 3 months after the warranty period. I'm pretty pissed because it was a present from my uncle and I haven't been using it much. For it to die on me from the lack of use seems to me that your products are not that reliable after all. When I brought the iPod back to the store, in hope that it could be revived or repaired, your sales staff told me that it would cost the same and recommended me to buy a new one. Unlike other companies where you can get your spoilt product repaired, I feel that Apple does not believe in providing support to it's customers after the warranty period. Moreover, the reliabilty of the product is questionable. I am upset that your after sales service policy is a total failure. And unless I am given a very good reason to continue supporting Apple products, I would not for the time being. Also, my iBook screen is starting to show signs that it is going to spoil too. I have had an Acer for eight years, since 1999, and boy, it is still going strong compared to my iBook which i have had for just over slightly a year. This sure speaks of how unreliable Apple products are.

Yours sincerely,
an ex-Apple fanatic

Just hope they give a well-crafted reply to appease me.

Thought of the day: Just in case you are going to correct what I have written, I know what you are going to tell me. I have spotted the two mistakes. Just an oversight. Especially. When. You. Are. Pissed.


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