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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

[A Little Help]
1. Together with RC members, I spent two evenings over the last weekend distributing ang pows and food hampers to needy families in Hougang and Bedok Reservoir. The contributions in money and in kind came from well-wishers who responded readily to appeals from the CCC and RCs. Although the little help we gave was gratefully accepted, it could only be a palliative.

2. Many of the families we helped were in difficulty because of marriage break-up. Financial difficulty is only one part of the story. The impact on the children is hard to quantify but the cost must be very high. And if the children turn wayward as a result, the social problem will be carried down one generation. I think, whatever we do, protecting the family unit is fundamental.

3. Another major problem is bad health. In some families, two or more members of the family are stricken by serious illnesses like cancer and stroke. With our population ageing rapidly, this problem will become worse. The burden on the young can be hard to bear. For whatever reason, some children stop caring for their parents completely. It is heartbreaking to visit some of these families.

4. This Chinese New Year, when we gather around the reunion dinner and when we visit relatives and friends, let us make a special effort to strengthen the ties that keep our families and our community together.

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