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Saturday, February 24, 2007

[Relations with Thailand and Indonesia]
Before I talk about what Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo spoke at Spring Blossoms @ Bedok Reservoir-Punggol, let's have a glimpse of the Bedok Reservoir-Punggol flyer since the Singapore Flyer is still three-quarters to completion since a few days ago.

Our very own flyer in the heartlands.

It was almost turning dark when I took these pictures. And they look pretty nice with the blocks of flats in the background.

Back to serious stuff.

The dinner tonight kicked off with the tossing of yusheng. It was great to see many familiar faces young and old and to wish them well for the new year personally.

The hosts Silver Ang (yeah, you guys know her) and Daryl Yong (not too famous but I think some would know) bantered on stage and had quite a bit of chemistry.

In his address to some 400 grassroots leaders present at the dinner, minister cited that in reports, Singapore is viewed quite positively with respect issues with our neighbours Thailand and Indonesia.

"If you read the reports written by international financial analysts, they view Singapore very positively."

And minister thinks the problems between Thailand and Indonesia can be managed.

He said: "Very often, these problems are ... domestic politics which get projected onto us."

He also spoke about the releasing of fish at Bedok Reservoir later in the morning and he encouraged grassroots leaders to join in the activity.

Apart from interaction with a lion in the lion dance segment, he also distributed oranges to everyone diligently from table to table.

The many games and "sabo" sessions made me laugh a lot. When the host asked how many mandarin oranges one should eat as forfeit, I gamely shouted a lucky number. Eight. In another game, the Youth Executive Committee and I dressed our Chairman in newspapers and red packets.

I loved the tonic soup, herbal chicken and the fried prawns best. For some reason, I don't remember eating the yam paste desert. I'm sure it would have tasted nice. Most grassroots dinners serve this teochew dish. I wonder why. Perhaps it is because our target audience is presumably mostly teochew.

It's off to Bedok Reservoir in the wee hours of the morning later. And then to Sentosa for SMU's Waikiki beach event.

Then true to yearly tradition, I will visit the Istana on Sunday.


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