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Thursday, February 08, 2007

[Early valentine's day]
The Singapore Manangement University Broadcast and Entertaiment (SMUBE) crew for the upcoming Valentine's Day episode of Campus Beat were shooting at Essential Brew at Holland Village.

Essential Brew is a chill out place for the young and trendy. The people there specialise in tea, so tea lovers, do take a listen.

This is my first time involved in behind-the-scenes production of a real episode of a TV show.

And if you are curious to find out if romance did blossom on the set of the Valentine's Day episode, do stay tuned to our Campus Beat episode which will hit a computer screen near you next week. More details soon.

The contestant on this episode scored an exclusive date with a hot babe and the couple were given a treat. For the dinner at Essential Brew, these two luck souls had a taste of their exclusive Valentine's Day menu.

Food and drinks that were featured in the show:
Tropical Dew
Scarlet Frost

Crabmeat Corn Chowder
Pesto Crayfish
Lavender Cod Fillet
Herbed Ribeye Steak

Plateau Serenade

And if you are thinking of having you very own date here, it costs only 79.90/++ per couple. The also provide fringe flower gift and card services to make that day more memorable.

Earlier, I was cooped up in the very cold BE studio selecting footage that the other producers and crew had shot a few days ago. It was a chilly experience. The people there use Final Cut Pro to do editing and the wacky stuff. I will lay my hands and pick up some skills come this weekend hopefully.

And in case you really can't take the suspense and the waiting, here's a very little sneak preview of the shoot.

Do catch the Valentine's Day episode on Campus Beat on SMUBE's Campus TV.

Thought of the day: It would be good to bring my windbreaker the next time I step into the BE studios.


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