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Monday, February 26, 2007

[SMU star awards]
It's time to Play! Move over Oscars.

Come Wednesday, I will attend an inaugural student film award ceremony.

It sounds like SMU's very own star awards. There's even a best actor category as well among the categories.

The Curious Case of Mee Siam has been nominated for Best Comedy Film Award. I surely hope the judges will be impressed and give our team the vote.

It would be good if there is a trophy to keep. Perhaps winners have to go up on stage to say their acceptance speech as well a la MTV Asia Awards. I'm looking forward to it.

Life's pretty disorganised at the moment with lots of projects due, presentations to prepare and tests to study for.

That's why my iBook desktop is super messy. Papers are piling up on my desk in the room as well.

What a crazy semester.


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