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Sunday, March 25, 2007

[I need your votes]
Dear readers,

This is not a joke. And nope, I am not standing for any election. It's the fun stuff!

B10 of Round6
Name: Ephraim
About his blog: Ephraim is back again after a long hiatus after Round 2. This time, he wants to tell us about creativity as he takes on our challenge to show the world that Singapore bloggers are not a boring bunch.

As you know I am in the top 20 for Round 6 (it is the final round) of the Youth.SG blogging festival and yeah, I need your votes!

Email :

Contestant Code:

Full Name:

IC (S1234567Z):

Contact Number:

Powered by Weikiat.NET

Deadline for Voting: 2359hrs on 29 March 2007

Do note that votes are restricted to one vote per person per unique NRIC number per unique email address. Repeated votes will be void.

If you are a foreigner, you may vote manually by emailing myvote@youth.sg in the following manner:

In the subject field, type 'I choose B10 - (Your name)' as the subject.
In the body of your email, include your Full Name, IC/FIN and contact number.

This form of manual voting is exclusive to foreigners who do not have an NRIC.

And yes, this is always a popularity thing so I really do need your support. Thank you!

P.S. Five lucky voters will get to win a $10 Sakae Sushi Dining Voucher.


Read more about the blogging festival on Youth.SG


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you are earning more than a million bucks a year, yet you giving S$10 away for the prize? Keep the loose change.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:20:00 pm


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