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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

[Just follow law]
My good friend Zheng Xi a law student is going places man.

He will be the moderator for the discussion forum, “Our Democratic Processes: An International Perspective” that is organised by the National University of Singapore's Law Students’ International Relations Committee (LSIRC).

So for those who want to face-off with Sylvia Lim, our one and only Non-Constituency Member of Parliament in Singapore and hear what her views and thoughts from her perspective as a key player in our democratic process are, do mark down 10 March in your calenders. This forum will be held from 11am to 1pm at the NUS Seminar Room 2-2.

Other key players include Professor Arun Thiruvengadam who currently teaches Public Law and has a strong interest in constitutional law. Prof Arun will be sharing his expertise in constitutional law and democracy.

And also our local poet, playwright, writer and civil society activist Alfian Sa’at who will be sharing his views on the role civil society plays in nurturing a healthy democracy.

It will be a great forum I'm sure and since we live in a democratic society, shouldn't we be more aware about democracy and our democratic process and laws?

In SMU, there's a module on that for political science students too. It was made compulsory till last year. Anyway do support this event.

You can email lsirc@gmail.com for further enquiries.


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