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Saturday, March 24, 2007

[Lorong Tua Pek Kong Dinner]
1. I have just come back from the Lorong Tua Pek Kong Dinner. There was a huge crowd of people (well over 10,000), many of whom came from as far away as Jurong to attend the deity's birthday dinner. Not having been there before, I asked to tour the temple complex by the sea. At the main shrine, the air was thick with incense smoke. What surprised me was the presence of a Malay keramat and a ganesha temple next to the shrine.

2. Because the devotees are generous with their contributions, the temple committee has been able to make large donations for various causes. Last year, they donated 21 ambulances to different voluntary welfare organisations. We in Aljunied GRC have also been a beneficiary of the temple's generosity.

3. The organisation of the dinner was very impressive. Food was continuously cooked and served free of charge. Because of limited access, the car park was located several hundred meters away. There were many volunteers guiding the traffic. Free trishaw rides were provided for senior citizens and those who could not walk the whole way.

4. The temple will be shifted to new premises nearby on August 4th. It is a multi-storey building with much better facilities. However, it will not have the space and the seafront of the present temple.

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