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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's almost the end of term soon. That means exams are around the corner. Just turn and it hits you.

Since I have an hour to chill out, I decided to sit down at the benches to do a little blogging before I have no time to do so.

It's a rainy and cold day. Perhaps I'll go grab a cup of tea before my project publicity team meeting in half an hour.

People come up and tell me that I am pretty random sometimes, And yeah, it's true. You know, tonight's the closing date for the voting of the top 20 blogs for the Youth.SG blogging competition. I'm excited. But confident? I am sure that those who know about it will vote. Until the results tomorrow.

If you walk around SMU at this time of the year, you can be sure to see newbies coming for their interviews. Talk about new students, I do have some reservations about university admissions but well that can be discussed after my exams.

I'm looking forward to seeing a new batch of freshies. Then I will become a "lao jiao" (oldie). It's going to be a fun-filled four month summer break. The time is not right to release details. But I am excited.

So if you haven't voted, please cast your votes now. Voting is not compulsory though. Follow your heart.


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