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Monday, March 19, 2007

[Support Jasper]
My bro Jasper has made it past the preliminary round 1 of Campus Superstar. And yes, it is good to give him support. He is number 4646 (can go and buy 4D already lah).

Although we are not blood related but we share quite similar interests in terms of leisure activites.

It is surprising that I can connect well with a kid that is much younger than me. But hey, there are people aged close to that on the SHINE Youth Advisory Panel that I am on now. So naturally, I am able to interact with them. This reminds me, my cousins like to stick closely to me as well.

I am sure you people want to see a star in the making. Sometimes the process matters and not the final product. Just like university education - it's not what you learn but the development of one's thinking skills.

So yeah, do get your butts down to the Toa Payoh HDB Hub on 31 March to support our young talents. And hopefully, 4646 will get your utmost support.


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